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Posted by MUSEKURA - Mar 30, 2016

I am grateful for the Apostolate you're doing in this respect. Music is a great treasure for the Church in the edification of her members. Keep it up!!!!! My email is Send me those music pieces so that i go to teach them in my Pastoral Work.. Asante...

Nitayainua macho yangu

Posted by Dan - Feb 11, 2016

Nitayainua macho yangu niitazame milima msaada wangu utatoka wapi? msaada wangu u katika BWANA,Aliyezifanya mbingu na nchi,Hatasinzia wala hatalala,Atanilinda na mabaya yote na nafsi yangu,Maisha yangu na familia yangu sea nayakabidhi kwako mola wangu tangu sasa na hata milele.


Posted by Atiku Christopher - Feb 04, 2016

Well am happy being a member here but i have a concern that getting the lyrics of these songs and following the audios by the respective choirs isn't enough since listening to ready sung music piece and following the music notes accurately from there may not be possible and i would therefore request the admin panel help by providing the music pieces for download inform of pdfs for accuracy. Thanks. Am Atiku Christopher from South Sudan.

Mawazo Tu

Posted by Alfred Ogombo - Oct 02, 2015

Ok listening to the song thro th audio or just getting its lyrics then sing it during mass I think isn't enough for serious choirs. Getting that music piece for that particular song is far much better. In my opinion we shd encourage good singing by enabling this site to accommodate music sheets either in pdf/musescore or noteworthy composer formats rather than post 'dry' songs. Kindly checkout on ''and see what I mean.. Best regards

I like this site. May we now get to know how we can get the notes for this songs.

Posted by Barasa Kizito - Aug 28, 2015

I like this site. May we now get to know how we can get the notes for this songs.