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Posted by Robin Qris - May 02, 2013

I like this site. May thee be blessed abundantly. This site has continued to enhance our singing in our church. Thanx


Posted by Frank M.Muya - Apr 11, 2013

Congrats to whoever came with this noble idea of the catholic music lyrics.
This is wonderful, just how do you do it and keep updated on all the latest?
Team, keep it up and bravo!

Kushusha nyimbo!

Posted by Deus lucas - Mar 02, 2013

Habarini za jumapili wapendwa! Tovuti inapendeza kwa kuwa na nyimbo za dini, lakini sasa naomba mungeweka na option ya kushusha nyimbo! Kwa kuwa kuingia kwenye mtandao na kusoma lyrics pekee sio wote wanamudu. Ni hayo tu!


Posted by Anthony Wafula - Feb 14, 2013

Wauuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I thought I can not sing but with this site, I will sing. Thanks so much for the good work, wish I discovered this earlier.

Nota za hizi nyimbo

Posted by LAWRENCE - Jan 30, 2013

Nawaomba wahusika muweke nota za hizi nyimbo kwa hii website ili tujifunze kuimba hizi nyimbo