Ee Mfumu ee Yamba Lyrics


  1. Ee Mfumue, yamba makabo *2
    Yamba makabo ya kimenga na beto *2

    Tala maboko na mono yo kele mpamba
    Tala mono kimbeni, nsukami ya nene
    Nki kima mono talenda pesa na ngeye *2
    Mfumu e, mfumu e, *4

  2. Ee mfumu e, yamba mampa *2
    Yamba mampa ya kimenga na beto *2
  3. Ee Mfumu e, yamba vino *2
    Yamba vino ya kimenga na beto *2
  4. Ee Mfumu e, yamba cholare *2
    Yamba cholare ya kimenga na beto *2
Ee Mfumu ee Yamba

1. Lord, receive these offerings from our city
Receive these offerings that are the fruit of our labor
Look at my hands, they are empty.
Look at me, a poor sinner
What do I really have to give you
What can I give you
Oh Lord, receive this bre

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